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Coding HTML

Web documents are created primarily with HyperText Markup Language or HTML. HTML is not a programming language so it is easy to understand and use. HTML uses tags to construct web pages. So learning HTML is all about mastering how to use tags.

We have a dozens of courses on exposing effective HTML coding techniques we use every day. Whether you are a beginner or experienced HTML coder (web page author), we may have the courses you need to enhance your skills. Our HTML training lessons have three levels:

  • Level 1: working with web pages. These HTML courses start with the number 1 (100, 101, 102, and so on) and provide in-depth coverage of most of the skills and techniques required in developing a web page. This is the beginner's place to learn the HTML concepts, syntax and vocabulary.
  • Level 2: HTML courses starting with the number 2 (200, 201, 202, and so on) focus on building and maintaining websites.
  • Level 3: HTML courses starting with the number 3 (300, 301, 302, and so on) provide students the opportunity to seek answers to their HTML problems/bugs. For most benefit from these courses, bring with you your HTML project that you have problems with.

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