ALT property

With the ALT property, you can specify alternative text for your image. Why use this ALT property? Well, there are several reasons to use alternative text. First of all, the alternative text is displayed while an image is being downloaded. This is noticeable if you're using a slow connection to access a webpage that has a huge image. Secondly, alternative text is useful to those browsers that cannot read graphical content. Third, alternative text indicates to search engines what the image is all about. Lastly, the alternative text is displayed when an image is missing.

So how we use this ALT property? To add alternative text to your image, simply add the ALT property to the image tag. For example,

<img src="" alt="Scripting Master Logo">

will add the alternative text "Scripting Master Logo" to our image. To verify that alternative text is correctly displayed, open your webpage in a browser and hover your mouse over the image and your alternative text should be displayed. You can verify that the alternative text ("Scripting Master Logo") is displayed below when you hover your mouse over the image :

Scripting Master Logo