Specifying keywords and description

Meta tags are very important as they provide extra information to search engines about your web pages. The meta keywords tag and meta description tag both are very important and should not be left out of any web page that you want to be potentially found on top of other search engine results. As you work with meta tags, keep in mind that these two meta tags cannot alone place your pages on top of any search engine results. But meta tags do help your web pages in search engines.

The meta tags are placed in the "head" section of a web page. For example,

<meta name="keywords" content="scripting, scripting HTML, HTML help, Meta tags, meta tag, search engine, search engines">

<meta name="description" content="Provide a brief description of your page here. Remember to repeat important keywords here. Consider as an example: This page provides information about meta tags and how to create meta keyword and meta description tag. Meta tags are important to search engines as they provide extra information about a web page.">

Remember that the "head" tag is placed before the body tag in an HTML document. The "head" tag should contain your meta tags, as shown in the above HTML code. A meta tag starts with the word meta. The name attribute of a meta tag specifies the type of meta tag you want to create.

In our HTML code, we first created the keywords tag by setting the name attribute to keywords. Thus this starts our keyword tag. The content attribute of the meta tag contains the information that you want to add to a particular meta tag. Since we are creating the keyword tag, we list our important and relevant keywords to a web page inside the content attribute.

To create the description meta tag, simply start with the meta tag, as we did in our example above. In the example, note that we again are using the name and content attributes for the description tag. This may led you to wonder how can the search engines tell which tag is the description tag and which tag is the keywords tag when both tags are created with the same attributes? Although both tags use the same attributes (name and content), the values (inside the double quotation marks) of those attribute for each tag will differ.

For the description tag, we set the name attribute to description and the content attribute is set to a brief description of the page. In comparison, the name attribute for a keyword tag is set to "keywords" and the content attribute is set to a list of important keywords.

For your convenience, Scripting Master has developed a meta tag generator tool that can help you create these meta tags.