Attributes reference

Attribute Element to be used with Value Purpose
action form URL of the script form handler script
align div, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, p left, center, right, justify text alignment
align table left, center, right relative to window
align th, td, tr left, center, right, justify table alignment
align caption top, bottom, left, right alignment relative to table
align HR left, center, right
align applet, iframe, img, input, object top, middle, bottom, left, right vertical or horizontal alignment
alink body color color of selected links
alt applet, area, img text text description
background body URL image for document background
bgcolor body color document background color
bgcolor table color background table color
bgcolor tr color background row color
bgcolor th, td color background cell color
border img pixels border width
border table pixels controls frame width around table
cellpadding table length spacing within cells
cellspacing table length spacing between cells
checked input checked true or false value for check boxes and radio buttons
clear br left, right, all, none controls text flow next to a floated object (i.e. image)
color font, basefont color sets text color
cols textarea number width of textarea box
colspan th, td number number of cols spanned in a cell
coords a, area lengths in a comma-separated list coordinates of imagemap areas
frameborder frame 0, 1 borders off or on
height img length image height
height th, td length cell height
href a, area, link URL destination source URL
href base URL base URL
hspace image pixels horizontal gutter
link body color color of links
longdesc img URL link to long description
maxlength input number number of maximum allowed characters for text fields
media style, link screen, handheld, print, all media type
method form post, get HTTP method for submitting form
multiple select multiple enables multiple selections in drop-down list
rowspan th, td number number of rows spanned by cell
selected option selected sets selected option in drop-down list box
shape a, area rect, circle, poly, default sets imagemap area shape
size HR pixels size of horizontal rule
size select number sets number of rows visible
src img URL image location
start ol number starting number
target a, link, area, base target name or _blank, _self, _top, _parent display in frame
text body color default text color
title all elements except base, basefont, head, html, meta, param, script, title text sets text to display in tool tip
type input button, checkbox, file, hidden, image, password, radio, reset, submit, text type of input control
type ul disc, square, circle list style for an unordered list
type ol 1, a, A, i, I list style for an ordered list
type button button, submit, reset type of button
usemap img URL client-side imagemap
valign tr, th, td top, middle, bottom, baseline vertical alignment
vlink body color sets color of visited links
vspace img pixels sets size of vertical gutter
width hr length width of horizontal rule
width img length image width
width table length sets table width
width th, td length cell width