Changing the font face with the <font> tag

The last property of the font that we can control with a <font> tag is the font face. You can use the face attribute to specify the type of font that should be used to display some text. For instance,

<font face="verdana">this text is displayed using the verdana font face.</font>


this text is displayed using the verdana font face.

Because not all browsers support all fonts, you can supply more than one similar font face value but up to three by separating each with a comma as:

<font face="arial, serif, times">Some text</font>

When you specify more than one font face value, the browser checks if the first font face value is available to the browser; if it is, then, the browser uses the first font face value. If the first font face value is not available, then, the browser tries the second one and so forth until it tries all three font face values. If all of the three font face values are not available, the browser uses the default browser font face value.