Adding hyperlinks

To make other documents easily accessible, a hyperlink is used. A hyperlink is a part of the web page that user clicks on to view the destination document. Thus a link basically instructs a browser to load a new URL (page). A document that contains hyperlinks is referred to as hypertext document.

There are four main types of hyperlinks:

  1. relative — linking local pages using relative file names
  2. absolute — linking to local or extrenal pages using absolute file names
  3. reference — linking to specific locations or sections of a page
  4. email — linking to an email address

A link is created with an <a> tag. The "a" in <a> stands for anchor thus it is called an "anchor tag" or simply link tag. An anchor tag is a two-sided tag and uses a href attribute to specify the destination of the link. The href attribute stands for Hypertext Reference.

Customizing links: