Statements in JavaScript

A statement is an instruction that instructs a computer (JavaScript interpreter) to carry a specific action. For example,

document.write ("This is a JavaScript statement.");

instructs the computer to print "This is a JavaScript statement." In JavaScript, statements are terminated with a semicolon or return statement. Because statements in JavaScript are ended with a semicolon, multiple statements can be grouped on one line, for example:

var x; x = 60; document.write (x);

In JavaScript, statements can also be terminated with a line break character, for example,

var x
x = 60
document.write (x)

The above three lines are treated as three separate statements as:

var x;
x = 60;
document.write (x);

To avoid ambiguity and any unintended results, use a semicolon to mark end of a statement instead of relying on an implicit semicolon insertion (or a linebreak character).