Creating an input box

To create a text box, simply fill out the form shown below. As an example, see the image shown below.

To create an input box, provide text box description, name, default value, characters width and maximum characters to fit in the text box.

From this example, we want to:

  • label our text box as "First Name",
  • use the name "FName" to identify this text box from other text boxes or fields inside a form,
  • use the default value as "John",
  • create the text with size of the text box set to "22", and
  • allow up to 20 characters (maximum characters user can type) in the text box.

The following shows the output of such text box:

Showing the output of a creating text box with the text box description set to First Name, default value set to John. The text box size is 22 and maximum characters for the text box are 20.

Notice above the values of the name, size, and maxlength attributes are not visible on the browser. Read more about input box attributes and how to create an input box.

Text box description:
Text box name:
Default value:
Characters width:
Maximum characters: