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About ScriptingMaster

As teaching web development related courses at the community colleges of Baltimore County (Maryland, US), it was apparent to me that students would greatly benefit from a comprehensive website that was devoted to covering web-related technologies. Because it is always almost impossible to cover everything in the class and because students repeatedly asked me for a website related to the courses I taught, I created this website just for anyone interested in learning about HTML, ASP, CSS, JavaScript and more. Please note the website is not yet complete and it is fairly new, launched in August 2005. I should also mention that this website already has Google Ranking of 4 in just less than two months!

One of my goals for this website is to not only provide you information related to web development but also to encourage you to contact me if you have any questions related to web development. Please note tough I have experience with only HTML, ASP, CSS, and JavaScript, so please restrict your questions to that.

The website, at the moment, offers you information creating web pages with HTML, ASP. The website also has links to other useful websites that provide web hosting, web design, or search engine marketing information. If you find any link to an external website inappropriate or broken, please contact me so it can be corrected. I hope you find the information useful at this website. Thanks for visiting and come again for updates!

Raj Singh