Introduction to inserting entities

Sometimes you want to insert special characters in your web pages. Because special characters do not appear on the keyboard, HTML supports a code number or name that corresponds to each special character. For example, consider the following examples of special characters, ®, ™, ©, etc. Listing 1 provides some of the common special characters used on a web page. See also a scripting tool for generating HTML code for special characters.

Listing 1 special characters and HTML codes
Code Name Code Description Symbol / Character
™ ™ Trademark symbol
© © Copyright symbol ©
® ® Registered trademark ®
&lt; &#60; Less than symbol <
&gt; &#62; Greater than symbol >
&amp; &#38; Ampersand &
&nbsp; &#160; Nonbreaking space  
&quot; &#34; double quote "

Because code names such as ™ and © are not recognized by older browser, you should instead consider using the code numbers. On the other hand, code names are easy to remember and use.

For more information about inserting special characters, access:

  1. a complete list of common entities
  2. inserting Greek letters (i.e., α, β, θ, etc.)